Expert Witness

Did you perform an open records request and receive a copy of a traffic signal database, and now you're wondering how to evaluate it?  I can assess the Georgia Motor Vehicle Crash Report along with the Maxtime or Maxview traffic signal data report to see if any conclusions can be drawn about the signal at the time of the crash.  

Typically I prefer not to be told which side of the case you represent during the initial analysis so that I can do my best to give an unshaded opinion.  It would help me if you could send the data with a specific question, such as "is it possible that Vehicle A or Vehicle B had a green arrow at the time of the crash?".  This will help me give an unbiased initial analysis. When I am done with the initial analysis I will let you know if I can make any determinations and what I think is most likely to have occurred, or if no conclusions can be drawn.  After that is done you can decide if you would like to call and discuss and get more information. 

CV available upon request

Eli Veith, PE, PTOE

Veith Traffic Services LLC

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