Services Available


  • Traffic signal timing- anything from small tweaks to full corridor retiming. One popular service is making temporary modifications while detection is waiting to be repaired.
  • Malfunction analysis- figuring out why a signal keeps going into flash or a phase comes up unnecessarily
  • Special signal timing-special event plans and quick responses to malfunctioning detection
  • Analyze signal settings- yellow & all-red clearance intervals, pedestrian times, density timing, detector settings, etc.
  • Review all controller and conflict monitor settings, provide QA/QC, and proofread reports
  • Set up emergency vehicle preemption
  • Traffic Signal Controller Training- Basic, Advanced, and Expert-level


  • Review Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) and Traffic Impact Studies (TIS)
  • Intersection analysis- provide recommendations about crash reduction and congestion mitigation
  • Perform Before-After studies to determine the effectiveness of measures
  • Provide expert intersection data analysis and explanation
  • Neighborhood speed studies
  • Stop sign, roundabout, and traffic signal warrant analysis
  • Intersection safety audit- evaluate crash history and propose treatments


  • Remotely access, monitor, and control traffic signals and other equipment
  • Put any camera on a computer network
  • Set up cameras for recording
  • Set up wireless VPN internet access
  • On-call equipment monitoring and service
  • Change fiber network from serial to ethernet communication
  • Set up an ACTRA or TACTICS signal monitoring system
  • Remote or local incident management


  • Extensive experience creating traffic plans for special events
  • Signage, marking, ingress and egress, emergency vehicle management
  • Event monitoring with PTZ cameras and recording